Welcome to my blog!

This is a blog about computer science, focusing to present topics for undergraduated students. As a lover of computer science, I've decided to begin this blog as an opportunity to me to learn more about computer science topics and to expose them to students who want to meet a bit of everything that computer science is (not only programming languages or specific topics).

The objective of this post is to introduce the blog and myself. My name is Victor S. Melo, I'm 22 years old (until april, haha). I've been studying computer science, formally, since 2014. I'm an undergraduate student of Computer Science at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, in Portuguese).

I've passed through two different colleges until go to UFRGS: First, I studied at Senac College of Porto Alegre. There, I started as a student of the course Multimidia Production, where my love for computer science began. Through the web development classes, I realized that I was on the wrong course, and then I went to another course, more related to computer science: Analisis and Development of Systems. At this course, I finally learned about my actual mainly programming language: Java. I learned about some other programming languages too, like PHP. But, at the end of my first year there, I realized that the course was focused to the business, not research or academy. I did not want to learn programming to code some business software that would not make any difference in the world, honestly. At that time, I was working at the IT department of Souza Cruz, one of the biggest companies in Brazil. Even earning a great money for undergraduate student, and learning about computer things, I felt that I was missing something important. I was missing the inovation, the technology development, the opportunity to learn the theoretical topics that would allow me to develop applications to change people's life, positively. The kind of change we see on big IT companies, like Apple, Google or Microsoft. That was when I made one of the biggest decisions in my life. I decided to change my course to Computer Science, even against many people saying "It is not a practical course, you should not do it", I did. Then I went to PUCRS.

At PUCRS, I've my greatest experience at computer science until now. I learned about exciting theoretical and practical computer science topics, where I could understand the importance of each one. I began my academic work, developing researchs on Artificial Inteligence area, more specifically about Multi-Agent Systems. This period was very important, as I was part of the posgraduate program, I wrote different papers in a partnership with a colleague, Alison R. Panisson from the postgraduate program who was seeking his doctoral degree (or PhD), and the professor, Rafael H. Bordini, responsible for my laboratory. Some of my works can be found here.

Now, two years after going to PUCRS, I'm changing to another college (because of financial issues). Now I'm a UFRGS student, another of the best computer science colleges in Brazil.

That was a long description, but I wanted to tell you who I am and show that I am just another undergraduate student, not special. I just seek for what I want, and this blog is one thing I wanted to do a long time.

I will bring to you different computer science topics, possibly once a week. I hope you enjoy it.

My contact is: victorsmelo@outlook.com

Feel free to send me a suggestion of topic, if you want to.

See you later :)