About me

Hello, my name is Victor!

I'm a computer science undergraduate student from UFRGS, at Porto Alegre, Brazil. I've experience on artificial inteligence research, more specifically about multi-agent systems. I've some publications about these topics that can be found here.

I'm currently at BEPiD, a program resulted from a partnership between Instituto Eldorado, PUCRS and Apple, focused to instruct developers to become specialists on development for Apple platforms, and to become future entrepreneurs.

I started with this blog seeking to present some computer science topics from the perspective of a student. The topics that I'll bring will be the result of a deep research and well supported by researchers in these areas. All the topics will be based on reliable sources, focusing on propagate the science behind the computer systems. The logic, the architecture, the programming languages, the history, the future. All these are topics of interest here.

If you want to send me a message, with suggestions for topics, feel free to contact me through the email presented below.

Writen by:
Victor S. Melo
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil